starting from scratch

lets run awayIn this market-driven world, there are tonnes of items for sale on a regular basis that can bring your home from dull to spectacular, & within your budget! First you need to decide what is needed to make your home pop!


When I bought my first home, I spent so much time & money working on the ‘bones’ of the home. I painted walls, fixed flooring & with the exception of replacing the ugly floral curtains, I didn’t do any decoration or styling. The house was lovely, but it wasn’t a home. It was lacking all the comforts & personality that d├ęcor brings.

It wasn’t until I spent a very small amount of cash on a few little knick-knacks, & put some canvas artworks up that the house started taking on a personal touch. After that, I was hooked. Now my mantle & shelves have a constantly moving variety of items that I have accumulated over the past few years, with more items to come!

So why is decorating your home so important?

Well decorating is the difference between a house & a home. Decorating brings warmth, colour, texture, pattern, softness, smell & that almost intangible overall feeling of comfort. You’d be amazed by how much of a change it can make.

So how do I get started???

Follow through these posts & pages to pick up all the tips you need to decorate your home!

globewest5written by Taree from Mysteree Designs