start by making it personal

wallpaper nauticalWhen decorating, you could add items of all different types, but as this is your home – your place of sanctuary – it should be personal.

I’m a crazy dog lady. So for me I love having a couple of dog-inspired pieces around. But it’s important to keep my passion stylish & not ‘insane’. Make your selection simple. One or two dog pieces are enough, not a whole bookcase full.IMG_8274

I also love houses (being an Interior Designer/Decorator this makes sense!), so little houses that you can put tea lights into are a great addition. But remember, it’s still best not to fill your shelves with all these items… feature pieces should be a feature, not nestled amongst hundreds of other trinkets.

Aim to fill your home with items that describe you, or your life with your family. Have family photos, flowers from your garden, your childrens’ artwork, your grandparents’ furniture – they are all items that describe you & make it your home not a display home. colour blue

The challenge, especially when you have such a rich history & multiple occupants in the house, is to have a cohesive style for the home. This is where grouping multiple items together into a set may help. Add a photo wall with all your family images, or use your mother’s vase with your favourite flowers. However, you may have to edit your selection to ensure that you don’t over-clutter.

Make your home speak wonders of your life, & surround yourself in you.

There is nothing more comfortable to live in!