pick a style

freedom6Scandinavian, Modern, Pop Art, French Provincial, The Hamptons… they all have a theme. Each style has a set of colours & textures involved with the style. For example, Beach-side Villa is based on a muted natural colour scheme – soft neutrals, pastel blues & yellows to mimic the beach with white washed timbers & subtle light greys. It also boasts weathered timbers, rope & soft, flowy fabrics. So a combination of these can bring that sense of style to your home.

Likewise, the Industrial style includes lots of metal, rust, exposed workings, stone, beaten around timbers & concrete. Pretty much what you would see in an old factory or warehouse. So these are the types of finishes & designer items you would be looking for to bring about that overall style.globewest8

Haven’t chosen a style yet?

Start rummaging through Pintrest, Google, Houzz or design magazines & pick your favourites. Once you have a large selection of images, you’ll start to notice a theme going on. Maybe you like the more modern geometric designs with pastel colours. Or perhaps the more traditional or country rustic styles. Maybe you keep collecting images of cowhide rugs & moody deep wall colours.

There’s nothing wrong with any of these – you like what you like, now you just have to make it work in your home!

This is now where you get to start thinking of what you can add to your home, or alter in your home to make bring that sense of style to your space.

Possibly, one item at a time!

written by Taree from Mysteree Designs