Now this is the way to bring some personality  – quick!bedbathntable3

Patterns draw your eye & can really give a sense of style or design. It gives boldness, freshness & fun, in such a minimal way.

But before you go buying multiple prints to jazz up your home – stop & plan. Pattern overload is very easily achievable & this brings a complicated, messy look.

But patterns can also be a practical measure. Especially tighter repeating prints are great for on finishes that may gain more wear. The light & shade of the pattern can hide stains & marks, so it can be great for high traffic areas, or items that may mark easier.

bedbathntable2When planning on adding patterns, especially if they are bold, then it is best to team them with solid colours or textures. These tone the prints down, & highlights them all at the same time. If you are a lover of lots of patterns, then consider repeating the same design in varying colours. This will bring a consistent look as there is a theme. The same can happen if you like varied patterns but keep a monochromatic colour scheme. Something has to give when mixing prints, so consider what matters most to you.

You may already have a patterned curtain fabric & you want to add a bold rug. If you can’t get them to match then go the opposite! If the drapes have a small repeating print, then go for a big open print for the rug. This way you never tried to match it & each piece has it’s place. Just make sure you team it with textures & solid colours to allow the both to be fantastic.

But pattern can really set the stage & make a statement, rather than a bland overall look.Wallpaper navy geo

When planning patterns – consider what you want to feature. This will be the focal point of the space. So if you love your sofa, add patterned cushions, or if you want to highlight the large open planned space you have, then a large wall paper print accentuates the vastness of the room. The bolder prints will stand out more than the tighter repeating tones.

Most importantly of all, you have to love it! So don’t buy if you don’t like it to start with!