have a theme

When placing decorator items, it’s best to have a theme. Otherwise you end up with an eclectic bunch of mismatched pieces that have no storyKomar timber walls

– unless the eclectic look is your style!

Most people instinctively select items that they like, which usually have a theme or make a set, because it is what they like. But for those people who like too many styles at once, this can be a challenge.

It’s best to think of what feeling you would like your room to have.

Would you like a serene, harmonious place to relax, or a dramatic wow kind of space? A soft, warm cocoon, or a country side rustic interior? Once you select your ‘feeling’ you can start decorating in that theme.

In your chosen theme, you will be able to repeat items, colours & shapes. This will create a consistency in the style. For example, the image shown has curved black items repeated & the timber elements are the same colour & quite blocky with straight lines. This keeps the eye relaxed rather than having to focus on each piece as they are all different. And it’s overall ‘feeling’ or style is modern/industrial, warm architectural space. Relaxed while being dramatic.freedom5

The same for the second image, this has repeating curved items, teamed with the straight beech timber & horizontal lines. These elements hold all the pieces to a collection, telling a story of the space, with this one being relaxed, airy, modern & comfortable.

Your repeating pieces could be by shape, size, colour, material, or texture. This is your theme that bases the design. As long as you repeat these concepts then any piece you bring in will fit with your story & the desired ‘feeling’ for the room.