colour your life

Colour is the easiest way to add life to your home.bedbathntable7

Adding colour doesn’t mean you have to paint feature walls, or buy a red sofa. Sometimes the most controlled colour scheme has the best impact.

So where to start….

Are you addicted to a colour?

For me, it’s blue. I’m a blue girl. But that doesn’t mean I paint all my walls blue or everything I buy is blue, but that is my natural instinct – to choose the blue item. In my office, which is my space, I have navy blue drapes. Over the years I have found that is enough for me. It gets blue out of my system & allows me to decorate with all the other colours I choose. In my years I have run into a few Purple nuts, & an Addicted to Red woman, so I know I am not alone. The same applied for them. One was happy with purple bedlinen, & the red lady got a feature wall to calm her need. All were then able to enjoy the other colours of their choice.freedom4

If you’re keeping more to colour trends rather than your favourites, then you have options. For an overall wall colour, white or grey are in. These are the new ‘neutral’ tones on the block. This gives a soft base that allows other colours to be the features. Soft pastel accents bring in a subtle colour choice, or you can go more bold with navy or charcoal & accessorise with pops of colour.

When you have no choice on the fixed colours of your house – as a renter or you don’t have the funds to renovate yet – this is where you need to consider complimentary colours. This is finding tones that work with what you have rather than trying to adopt a modern palette that will clash. You may need to choose items that team with the current colours, & then add decorator items in  contrasting colours to draw your attention to them & away from the house. You have to live in that space, so it would be better if it felt harmonious.

Colours these days are also quite varied in their options. You can have warm greys, dusky pinks, intense blues or subtle yellows. The range allows for muted palettes or bold combinations to all take centre stage. And then of course there is always the patterns or textures that can come with the colour selection to really invoke a particular feeling, or take all the focus.globewest5

There are also psychological responses to colours. Black can be dramatic & sophisticated, but can also feel unfriendly & heavy. Green is natural & serene but can also encourage depression. Yellow is happy but on the intense flip-side too much sends people crazy! Red tends to increase your appetite – hence the reason for why they put it in restaurants, so that is a good one to avoid in your kitchen if you are trying to lose weight! Colour can be a tricky one to understand what you may be trying to say by adding it. Luckily with so many different shades, tones & dusky options out there for just decorator items, you can add the colour you like without having to worry too much about the overload of emotions based on psychology.

Colour is an amazing decorating tool that can be a real wow factor, or give a relaxed, soft feeling. You just need to decide what you want your colour palette to do, & then have fun putting it together!

coloured pop room