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Decorating is for everyone as it works more with the elements you can add, rather than the fixed colours & finishes of a home. This makes Home Decorating a great tool for renters, as well as home owners. And Decorating is necessary in business premises to ensure the overall concept of the business is displayed, not just an empty shell of a building.

This can be quite an art form of knowing your different decorating styles, colour matching, & proportions, but what it really comes down to is whether it looks & feels right.

You don’t need an Interior Decorator to help you with your home, but if you get stuck it can be an invaluable resource. Especially if you are selecting more expensive pieces, it may be a good idea to gain professional help.

Everyone has an opinion & they are usually happy to tell you all about what you should do when decorating, but sometimes that advice is not well-founded in the overall concept of your home. Decorators or Home Stylists are trained to know design styles & eras as well as design principles & elements – like the proportions of items in the space & how they fit with each other, or unity & variety so multiple items can work in a set. They also are aware of the current trends, the current furniture or décor items that are available & their costs to ensure that your budget will be adhered to. And some can be quite experienced at layout & colour matching, as they’ve been working in the industry for quite a long time. A Decorator can be your best friend, & that much needed compass when styling your home.definition

But yes, it comes at a price. This is a business for them. They may love what they do but they have spend time studying & researching to be as good as they are, as well as having expenses to see you & bring ideas or items to your door. This is a service that you are purchasing, & with that in mind, you will gain way more than just a chat with your opinionated neighbours.

Each Decorator will be different as it can be quite a personalised service, so don’t be afraid to do your homework. Most stylists are online, with websites, blogs or images on Pintrest or Instagram. This way you can gauge if their style suits yours or if they seem personable to you. Otherwise, you can always ask your friends or family if they have used someone. You’d be amazed on how many have received assistance from a design professional. This way you can ask their fees & charges or what type of service they gave them.

As stated earlier, the type of service they offer may vary quite significantly as they could specialise in certain areas. With your research you could narrow down the field a bit to make it more what you need. But after that, just give them a call, or send an email. Outline what you think you need & ask for them to contact you if that is something they could assist with. The Decorator would be able to let you know if this is their area of expertise & what the charges & their availability may be. And then you can book a time to meet.

Most Decorators & Designers like to meet in the room(s) that are planned for alteration. This is so they can gauge the proportions of the room, the lighting conditions, temperature, the flow of traffic, the condition of the finishes, the function of the space… you know, all the things that you may not considered when you enter the room. This way you can discuss the make over with the ‘bones’ of the room in mind. Sometimes the Decorator can bring samples with them of products that may help, depending on the previous information you have given them about your project.Average

Usually from this point you discuss the space. What needs to be changed, what stays & goes, what will be the purpose of the space & how this will connect to the rest of the rooms. The Decorator & yourself will start to correlate ideas into a scheme or plan.

The following steps will depend on the scope of work, as a few décor ideas will be different than renovating an entire house from top to bottom. But the Decorator will usually need to make selections or finishes or furniture at other locations after that consultation & then find a way to submit it to you. This can take time & effort depending on the project & there can be additional costs involved with these selections. But their assistance could benefit you in ways you hadn’t thought of! For example, Designers & Decorators can sometimes order products at a cheaper rate then you could which could save you some serious $$$$. They may also know the boutique shops so you can get exactly what you want, or their creative ideas could let you reuse current items you have & just revamp them to bring them up to your current style. All of which helps you!

So don’t be afraid to hire a Decorator. They are people just like you & I, & they have been trained to be able to answer your questions. We seek a doctor to diagnose our health issues, a hairdresser for a new cut, a mechanic to look at our cars, why not an Interior Decorator when you have questions about your home!GlobeWest2

written by Taree from Mysteree Designs


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