the purpose

Vickys-home blog spotWe all love decorating our homes. And although you can head to any store & pick up a few pieces, take your time & think about the reason you are purchasing.

If you truly love the item, go for it. If it is practical to fill a need, as well as being pretty, then yes. But if you are buying because you think you should, then no.


The most important piece on my mantle is a piece of 200 year old coral that I picked from a beach in Cape Tribulation on a holiday with my sister. When I see the gorgeously contorted ‘skeleton’ of the Great Barrier Reef I’m transported back to the beach-side resort & the sand between my toes. purpose


Especially in modern styling with a minimalist feeling, items with no purpose just create clutter. Consider what functional items you need & bring them into your new style. Maybe you require a side tableglobewest7 that could also become quite a feature piece, or you have the need for a clock & you could purchase a large one that could be the centre of attention in your living room. Lamps, rugs, furniture & mirrors can all be useful & necessary items in a space, with all of them being able to be interesting & in the desired style you need to bring the look & feel you want.

And even better… they can all be gifts!

Just because you want to decorate doesn’t mean you have to hit the shops & hurt your credit card. Keep the items in mind, wait for birthdays, Christmas or other special events & get them as gifts. This means that when you see them you also remember the loving person who gave it to you & the moment you shared for that. You could even choose to shop for the item together & make a lovely day of it with coffee & cake in the sunshine.

Your home is to be full of memories, not consumer driven items. Take the time, make the connection & love your home!

written by Taree from Mysteree Designs